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Bayer is an innovative company with long-lasting traditions within the agricultural sector. Our products and services’ goal is to bring added value in all areas of our clients’ daily activities. Nowadays, we can see numerous challenges and opportunities within the grain business worldwide. World population growth and changing weather conditions are just two of those challenges that affect agricultural output and the future of the sector.

How to increase productivity and provide food for the worlds’ population, which by 2050 is expected to reach the impressive 10 billion?

How to help plants grow under changing weather conditions?

How do we support farmers?

How to ensure high quality and safe food for consumers?

We in the Crop Science division are committed to solving these issues thanks to our experience with high quality seeds, innovative solutions to fight diseases, pests and weeds, and modern and sustainable agriculture services. Our daily focus is how to help farmers around the world cope with all the challenges. We at Bayer Crop Science provide innovative and inspiring solutions directly to our users, along with services and expert advice.

In this way, we support production where it begins: in the field.

In Bulgaria, the activity of Bayer, Crop Science division, is developing in the field Plant Protection:

  • Offering innovative, high quality and reliable solutions: fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, rapeseeds
  • Preparing plant protection programs
  • Individual solutions to fight economically important diseases, weeds and pests
  • Expert assistance and workshops
  • Technical meetings

More information concerning the products and services by Bayer, Crop Science division: