Agenda for 25th October 2017

Full day Risk management Workshop with INTL FC Stone, Ireland

For the Second edition of Grain Academy we will once again organise a special Risk management workshop. This time this is a full-day training and will take place one the day before our conference day - on the 25-th of October.

Important! Who is the training intended for?

Key executive decision makers such as CEO, CFO, Heads of procurement and sales from large scale producers and co-ops, local trade houses, millers (Feed and flour), bioethanol & biodiesel plants, crushers and all key leading end-users.

Jaime Nollan-Miralles, Senior commodity Risk Manager, INTL FC Stone Dublin, Ireland
Dr. Rory Deverell, Senior commodity Risk Manager, INTL FC Stone Dublin, Ireland

INTL FCStone is one of the world's leaders in commodity risk management and provides clients across the globe with a comprehensive range of customized financial services and tools to help them protect their margins and manage volatility.

What to expect?

→ tailored agenda
→ key local issues
→ strong level of interaction: ask and answer live and anonymous using a private polling platform private polling platform

Varna Grain Academy – Bulgarian Integrated Risk Management Program (IRMP)

9.30am Pillar 1 - Bulgarian grain price risk environment (Defining Bulgarian price risk environment)
Global & EU Grain and Oilseed market outlook - 17/18 marketing year
Bulgarian Grain and Oilseed balance sheet review - Trade flow, end stock and price evolution dynamics
Defining the Bulgarian cash market price environment & volatility
Why are derivatives applicable to Bulgarian Ag sector - Correlation evaluation
Bulgarian cash market contractual price environment - Driving sustainability across value chain

11.00am Coffee

11.15am Pillar 2 - Bulgarian commercial hedging - Theory to practice (Futures hedging)
Defining Bulgarian commercial Ag hedging from a pragmatic and realistic perspective
Hedging Defined - key market participants, roles and practical financing of commercial hedge operations
Steps to Building your specific Integrated Risk Management Program - IRMP
Understand a futures contract and its applicability to your actual commercial risk position & hedging program
Basis hedging - negotiating and mitigating your actual price risk
Futures hedge strategy environment - Understand impact of calendar & market spreads on your hedge/hedge triggers
Bulgarian futures hedging case studies

1.30pm Lunch

2.30pm Pillar 3 - Expanding & Balancing your Bulgarian Commercial hedge Portfolio - (Options Hedging)
Understanding the Options Environment - What Options infrastructure looks like and means to you.
Greeks demystified - Implications for your hedging strategy and how to manage effectively
Bulgarian hedging with Options - Building your Option Strategies & balancing your hedge and price risk exposure
Bulgarian Options hedging case studies - What if we worked with options instead of futures? Risk/Reward defined

4.00pm Coffee

4.15pm Pillar 4 - Over the counter markets - OTC in the Bulgarian Commercial hedgers basket of risk management tools
Understanding what the OTC market is - Why bother with OTC?
Understanding how OTC hedge structures can complement your overall hedge commercial price risk environment
What do OTC Hedge structures look like and how do they work in reality and in your Bulgarian hedge strategy
OTC hedging case studies - Tailoring risk management strategies to your specific commercial price risk

5.55pm Closure - Next steps on your path to effective, conservative commercial price risk management in Bulgaria