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The  PIONEER®  brand is a name with traditions and prestige. Imposing it over the years, our breeders never cease to seek better ways to present our products to the public. Our aim is not only being the best seed breeder in the market, but also creating better life standards for our farmers.

PIONEER SEEDS BULGARIA EOOD is the official representative of DuPont in Bulgaria. It deals with corn seeds, sunflower, rapeseed, alfalfa, as well as silage inoculants for livestock breeding.

The company holds a leading market share in maize and sunflower among seed growers and traders. Its leadership is due not only to the 23-year presence on the Bulgarian market, but also to the high quality of the products it offers, the continuous innovative and practical solutions. The unceasing innovation of the company is aimed at increasing the productivity of crops and maximizing profit for farmers. Since it is on the Bulgarian market, it is the most preferred brand among all the other seeds. And that’s because these hybrids have the most innovative features that provide security and profit to manufacturers. Examples are corn hybrids from the Optimum® AQUAmax® product and sunflowers under the Pioneer Protector® brand. These two brands are only four years on the Bulgarian market and already more than 30,000 Bulgarian farmers used exactly these hybrids.

For more information regarding the product lines of DuPont Pioneer, please get in touch with the regional representatives of Pioneer:


Scope of activity: Seed trade

Available products: Hybrid maize seeds, sunflower, rapeseed, alfalfa varieties, silage inoculants;

Contact person: Mariya Grueva

1766, Sofia, Mladost IV

Business Park Sofia, Building 1A; floor 1

Tel: 02/489 91 60, Fax: 02/ 489 91 67